A Case for Tithing

A Book by Ted M. Dickie
  • The book presents Tithing as an unique relationship with God.

  • More than giving, Tithing is also obedience to God.

  • Because of the exactness of the ten percent, Tithing is God's gift of perfect obedience.

A Case for Tithing by Ted M. Dickie

For the author, church has been an important part of his life for over sixty years. When an unique experience with God led him to Tithing, he saw an immediate and undeniable result. Looking back, he recalled that  the subject of giving had mainly been directed to the financial obligations of the church. He knew it also had to be more personal. 

Although the book is short, it represents years of Tithing  experience and the conviction that it is Godly inspired.
From the Author:

"Tithing was a changing event in my Christian life. It has become my greatest blessing as a Christian.

It is not my intent in any way to change anyone's beliefs. It is my wish that anyone; from a long time Christian, to a new Christian, to a never Christian, may gain from this."

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A Case for Tithing by Ted M. Dickie
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